Fonts that sell

Actually, it’s called a typeface. We’ll get into that

Joseph Zakher
3 min readJul 19, 2023

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Last week was a bit hectic so I had to push this post to today. I’m trying to improve how I create these posts to provide a better experience. Excited to share this new version, feedback is appreciated 🙏

Yesterday, I was working at my home office with my girlfriend. She was working on her personal logo. I was curious about how she looked for typography inspirations and decided to help her a bit. In about 30 minutes, we found a great typeface for her logo alors que that process started almost 2 weeks ago! How did we do that?

I showed her the right resources to find great typefaces that would align with what she was looking for. I figured, why wouldn’t I do that in my newsletter, point you guys in the right direction and if you’re really interested in learning UI then you would have all the resources available inside a roadmap that would be iterated on.

Today’s edition is about typography, so here’s what you need to know and where to learn more on the topic, alongside a few of my go-to typefaces I use almost always.

First, what is a font and what is a typeface?

To keep it short. Roboto is a typeface. Roboto bold with a size of 12px is a font. Roboto with a size of 10px is another font. More on the subject by Google Fonts here.



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